About Us

Ohio International Intern Program (TOP) is an international exchange program under College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, specializes in internships in Horticulture, Agriculture and Turf Grass. It was founded by Michael Chrisman in 1979, with guidance from Dr. Mervin G. Smith, former chairman of Department of Agricultural Econimics and Rural Sociology and Director of IPA.

Ohio International Intern Program (TOP) promotes global opportunities for international students and young farmers to obtain practical on-the-job training in the U.S. Also, the Program provides opportunities for American students to find internships in other countries like Netherlands, Australia, France, Denmark, China, etc. The goal is to promote the general interest of international exchange and to disseminate modern concepts of agribusiness.

Bring The Green World Together

After years of development, Ohio International Intern Program (TOP) has set up long-term cooperation with hundreds of companies in the agricultural and horticultural industry within the U.S. These host companies support the Program and provide the best possible placements for interns.

Ohio Program provides over 430 internships per year and always strives to provide a genuine international experience to our participants.

Ten Years