The Michael R. Chrisman Fund for International Internships

Established April 1, 2005, in memory of Ross F. Chrisman, Sr., and Ross F. Chrisman, Jr., by Michael R. Chrisman, Michael O'Keeffe, Gabriella Pearse-Danker, Fabrice Ligny, John Beardmore, Yinging Zhang, Christ George, Fiona Hargreaves, Grzegorz Lecki, J iri Tvrdon, Vlasta Cerny and Friends of The Ohio International Agricultural and Horticultural Intern Program. Distribution supports international travel andfees for students approved for internships through the Intern Program. Unused distribution is rein vested to endowment principal.

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International Programs in Agriculture Special Fund

Provides support for international exchanges, research opportunities, visitor hosting, short term visiting scholars, and building international collaborations.

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Agriculture Intern Program Discretionary Account

Discretionary Account for the Ohio Agricultural Intern Program,administered through the Office of International Programs in Agriculture


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