Horticultural internships(inbound) are open to students who are interested in a career in horticulture, with preference given to those pursuing a degree or who have completed a degree in horticulture, or a related field.

Internships take 3 to 12 months with most participants staying 6 months or longer. Interns will have the opportunity to network with professional landscape builders and architects, horticulturists and gardeners who are responsible for plant production, garden installation, and maintenance of seasonal and permanent plantings.

Interns will be trained for using typical greenhouse equipment, such as automatic transplanters, various planting machines and climate control systems. In a greenhouse you will apply fertilizers or work with pest and disease control. In landscape companies you will use mowers, blowers, trucks but also simple hand tools like a rake or shovel.

Garden Greenhouses-Training

During the internship, interns will live and train together with other TOP interns at host company. They also have opportunities to participate in horticultural expos in the U.S..Some host companies will also provide chances for their interns to learn more about the industry by hosting seminars. It's a great chance for interns to meet experts in Horticulture, and make new friends who are also involved in the business.


Interns in New Hampshire


Interns @ Cultivate

Duties and responsibility depend on where you will be placed. When you receive your "placement offer" read it carefully, do research online, ask questions. Commiting to a 12-month internship is a serious decision. Please, gather all the information you need before you confirm your placement.