Going Global

Expanding your business globally can offer several advantages over running a strictly domestic company, but at first, you need to come across the logistical and cultural challenges to understand the market in that specific area well. Could it be a good idea to recruit bilingual interns from those areas, so that you could get perfect knowledge of their culture and markets? Of course!

Creaticity and Innovation

Most hosts see the following values of hosting international interns:

  • Creativity: energetic, well educated interns are always dedicated to performing well

  • Knowledge exchange: by diversifying your collaborators origins, you will have access to different points of view and widen your perspectives

  • Potential business opportunities: most of our trainees have already had career achievements in home country, as they join your ranks, the international friendships and contacts could become yours

We are constantly searching for hosts willing to provide worthwhile experience to our ambitious participants from around the world.


TOP office will help our hosts to interview potential interns, issue visa documents, prepare training plan and host agreement. And for interns already on the job, we require hosts to accomplish these duties:

  • Assign meaningful tasks and duties to intern

  • Evaluate the intern and provide regular feedback

  • Provide adequate training and supervision to make the internship a real learning experience