Fifty Shades of Green….. Global Career Ideas in Sexy Horticulture

“Fifty shades of green….. global career ideas in sexy horticulture”

The Koppert Cress Case

The Ohio Program with the support of Syngenta and in cooperation with Jungle Talks puts the spotlight on horticultural game changers around the world via a series of 1 hour webinars starting on May 8, 2018.

Koppert Cress, Dutch producer of Living Microgreens (otherwise known as cresses), is expanding rapidly and is now producing its healthy and flavour rich Microgreens in various parts of the world, including New York City. Living Microgreens are seedlings of unique plants, each with their own, surprising influence on your senses; taste, flavour, look and feel, there is always a plant to suit your needs.

During the webinar, general manager Nicolas Mazard will share with you his passion and vision on a changing horticultural sector. You will learn what it takes to become successful in today’s horticulture.

Nicolas will put you to work! Koppert Cress takes its inspiration from nature and is constantly looking for new products and flavours. Nicolas will challenge you to help him find the next Microgreens innovation.

Typically, the company adds one new product annually to its assortment of Microgreens, Edible Flowers and Edible Leaves. They market this collection via its brand name Koppert Cress with the tag line ‘Architecture Aromatique’. We will ask you to discover a new Microgreen. If you succeed, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded with fame and treasure.

Curious to know more? The webinar ‘’Fifty shades of green….. global careers ideas in sexy horticulture’ will take place on May 8, 8 pm EST. Participation is free and you can register via this link.


Don’t miss this quest – fame and treasure awaits you.